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~~~~~~ chrome wire gift basket containers ~~~~~~~
wire bucket
SY15-1PEW Tall Wire Bucket Pewter finish
8"L x 7 "W x 7"DP x 12"HH
chrome dog bone
NY210-1 Wire Chrome Tub
11"L x 7"W x 4"H (6.5"LX4"W bottom)
wire tote bag
NY204-1 Chrome Plated Caddy Small
7.75"L x 3.5"W x 4"H
wire container bucket
NY41-2 Antiqued Wire reproduction Coffee Cup set of 2
7"dia top x 5.5"dpx5"dia bottom to 10"dia top x 8"dp x 8"dia bottom
wire container bucket
RY37-1 Gold Wire Mesh Star
8 1/2"Across x 3.5"dp
wire container bucket
TY113-2 set of 2 Wire Rectangle Tray
9"Lx5 3/4"Wx4"dp(7"Lx3"W bottom) to 11 1/2"Lx6 1/2"Wx5"dp(9"Lx4"W bottom)
wire container bucket
SY105-1 Chrome Wire Dog Shape
12"L x 6 1/2"W x 3"dp x 9"HH
chrome wire basket
NY203-1 Chrome Caddy 2 compartment
wire container basket
SY112-1 Copper reproduction Wire Fish Shape Container
10"L x 6 1/2"W x 4"dp x 10"HH
wire container rooster
4" DIA x 6.5"dp x 16"HH
shopping cart
WY14-1 Chrome Wire Wall Basket
9"L x 5"W x 3.5"H x 7"HH
wire container tote
SY00-1 Small Chrome Double Fold Handle 6"dia top x 2.75"dp x 6 1/2"HH 3"dia bottom
wire container tote
SY211-1 6.5" BLACK Wire Mesh SQUARE Shop
6.5 SQ TOPx 4dp x 7.5HH (5"sq bottom)
wire oval tray
NY212-1 Large Chrome Plated Tub
14"L x 10"W x 4-5"H ( 10"Lx6.5"W bottom)
packaging container
BY881-1 Wire Tray Silver Finish
12"L x 8.5"W x 3.25"H x 5.5" HH
wire wine holder
WY11-1 Chrome Wall Caddy
wire container basket
SY03-2 Chrome Tote set of 2
7"L*3"W*5H*8 1/2HH to 9"L*4W*7H*11"HH
wire baskets
NY859-1 Chrome Wire Cart
9"L*6"W*3 1/2H*7 1/2"HH
~~~~~ galvanized pails, tubs, buckets ~~~~
small galvanized tubs
BY19-1 9" Round Galvanized Tub Wood Handles
9" dia x 4"H
small galvanized tubs
BY43-1 6" Round Pail
6"DIA x 5"H x 8"HH x 4.5" DIA BOTTOM

small galvanized tubs
BY15-1 Oval Galvanized Tub Wood Handles
15 1/2"L x 9 1/2W x 6H
galvanized tin tubs
10"Lx8"Wx6"H(8"Lx5.5"W bottom)

galvanized tin pails
BY44-1 Galvanized 7"dia*6H*10HH*5.5dia bottom
galvanized pail
BY31-1 Galvanized oval small Tub
9"L x 7"W x 5"H ( 7"L x 5" W bottom)

small galvanized tin tubs
BY41-1 Small 5" Pail
5"dia x 4"H
miniature tin trash can
Galvanized Trash Cans:
available in 4", 6" 8"
galvanized pail
BY28-1 Galvanized 8" pail
8 1/2"dia*6 3/4H
galvanized bucket
BY43-1R 6" Round Pail
available in Galvanized, Painted White or Red
6"dia topx5.5"dpx4.75"dia bottom

small galvanized tin tubs
BY07-1W 8.5" Pail
8.5"dia topx7"dpx11.5"HH (7"dia bottom)
available in white,light pink, light blue,lime green
galvanized french pail
BY14-1LG Galvanized Oval Tub Green
12"Lx6"Wx5"dp (10"Lx5"W bottom)
available in white, cream, purple, antique brown, blue, red, sage, light pink, light blue
galvanized bucket
BY875-1 Galvanized Oval Tub
8.5"L*7"W*3.5"H (6.5"L*5"W bottom)
small galvanized tin pails
BY08-1 6" Pails side Handles in Galvanized, Red, White, Light Pink, Light Blue
6"dia topx5 1/2"dpx4 3/4"dia bottom
galvanized pail
BY36-1 Galvanized 2.5" pail
2.5"dia X 2"H
galvanized tin small
BY17-1 5" Tin Mini Round Galvanized - temp out, Sage,Pink, Blue
5dia x 3W
galvanized pail
BY50-1 10"dia Galvanized Pail
10"dia*8.5"H*14"HH(7.5"dia bottom)
BY51-1 12" dia galvanized pail
12" dia x 10"deep
galvanized tin oval tub
BY878-1 Galvanized Oval Tub
12 1/2"L*9 1/2"W*4H
galvanized tin oval tub
BY29-1 Galvanized Oval Tub
12"L x 9 1/2"W x 6 3/4"H
galvanized tub
BY18-1 8" Galvanized Round Tub
8"dia x 4"H - also available in red and white
galvanized tin oval tub
BY40-1 4"dia*3.5H*6HH*2.75dia bottom (16 oz. )

galvanized tub
BY30-1 Galvanized Tub Oval
16 1/2"L x 11"W x 6"H (13"Lx9"Wbottom)
galvanized bucket
BY32-1 Galvanized Round 16"
16"dia x 8"dp x (13" dia bottom)
galvanized tub
BY43-1WD Galvanized Pail
5 7/8"DIA x 5"H x 8"HH x 4.5" DIA BOTTOM
galvanized french pail
BY24-1 Large Galv Oval Tub
14"L x 10"W x 8"H (11"L X 7 1/4" bottom)
galvanized tub
BY25-1 Galvanized Round Tub
10"dia x 4"H
galvanized french pail
BY886-1 Galvanized Tall Bucket
8"dia TOP x 15"H x 5 3/4" dia bottom
galvanized french pail
BY883-1 French Buckets
6 1/2"dia x 11"H ( 4"dia bottom)
available in galvanized, antique brown, pewter, cream, verdigris, yellow

galvanized tray
TY39-1 Galvanized Square Tray
9"Sq x 2H
galvanized tray
TY38-1 Galvanized Rect Tray
13"L x 9"W x 2H

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